Our Classes are to challenge you as a person within a group setting. The different class types will give you a balance of strength, endurance workouts. That feeling knowing you have finished a class early morning before work is epic...try it today



A conditioning class based around repeated efforts and timed cardio using the watt bike, rower or bodyweight, and battle rope to raise your heart rate allowing you to rest between bouts...just enough for a sip of water until we back on...its a heart-pumping, loud music get through it class...we need one of those.


Tribe Performance Coach sets out the workout design and challenge to see how many rounds you can complete of the circuit which will have weights, bodyweight and cardio mixed...expect the unexpected here and no moaning rule applies. Honesty and competitiveness is key here



This combination of LIFT weights (No hypertrophy here) and MOVE with power to compliment your lift using bodyweight, some might understand it has to lift heavy but now do it bodyweight but faster...cracker of a session...warning bodyweight is harder.



Weights only class where we look to do submaximal lifts to your ability and strength levels...anyone that lifts with bad form will be counted as a no rep...Strong is all body so expect to learn to carry things...say when did you last carry the shopping bag from the car...good fun this class



This class is that class we want, need and must have...there is stress in this world and with the boxing bag in use, slamming balls, Kettlebell swings, and wall ball. We expect to smash it, and leave everything at the door...those that work in quiet and tear down the place will be the winner here...the question is do you have stress, kids or a family member bugging you?