Performance Coaching is related to achieve performance related goals in sport. Our first consultation is based around goal setting, seeing what normative data is for you sport.

We conduct specific tests designed for you based on the goal setting

Movement Screening to see how we move and what needs to be address in our program design.

Eg. Overhead Squat, Push up, Lunge Pattern and Trunk Control

Strength Training is not all about heavy weight but the right weight at the right form.

Eg. Squat, Bench and Deadlift

Speed Testing is not only the time related but we analysis via video on your technical ability in acceleration and top end speed.

Eg. 10m, 20m and 40m Sprints with Timing Gates

Power Testing to capture jump and landing performance.

Eg. Drop Landing and Countermovement Jump

Fitness Testing is often not the most favourite but a necessity to know.

Eg. Bronco 1.2 shuttle run, Yo Yo or Bleep test all depending.